Developing genuine software, specially tailored to suit Epiroc’s unique necessities.

Epiroc is a global company that provides innovative solutions you need to reach and surpass your goals.
Across the globe, they have well tested equipment and services that contribute to safer and more productive operations in surface and underground mining, infrastructure projects, civil works, well drilling and geotechnical applications.

With this genuine software Epiroc will be able to have a complete information with the opportunity to see the bigger picture and background for every machine they own.
They will be able to: add any machine and track working hours of any functionality of the different machine; add vehicle parts manually; create and assign different user roles with different admin rights; add employee’s details; history about repairs and purchased spare parts from the warehouse; add or erase vendors in the warehouse
industry with a list of products and generating many reports selecting a start and an end date, employee, machine, and spare product No.


Development of Smart Dent – first dental platform in Macedonia.

One of the most important projects that we are proud of is working on the development of Smart Dent.
Smart Dent is the first dental platform in Macedonia serving both patients and dental professionals.
We created Smart Dent with goals that are deeply rooted in creating a new revolutionary and innovative service that will change the dental industry standard in Macedonia.

With the help of this platform dentists will be able to see detailed history of the patient with all procedures and interventions, together with an extensive reporting system that will include a variety of reports.

Our team constructed specially designed algorithm that will independently find and notify the next patient waiting in line, that his appointment has been rescheduled or may come earlier if the previous patient cancels its appointment as well as various options for searching and examining patients to find and locate a dentist near them.

We are really proud that the project is funded by the FITD – Fund For Innovations and Technology Development. 


Restaurant mobile app development – Clique

Since we know how important step it is to create a clear, user- friendly interface with the food ordering app development process, we created Clique. Our client’s priority was to be designed an restaurant mobile app with an easy and convenient navigation and a laconic interface which will be modern and not overloaded with unnecessary details.

Some of the features this app offers are: Enter data for Categories, Subcategories, Products, Interactive Menu, Menu Composition, Add-ons section, Menu Price, Add-on Price, On / Off button for accepting orders, order review and management.

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